I made it to Asia, my bag didn’t…

After more than 20 hours of travel, I finally made it to Guangzhou – my temporary stop before flying to Bangkok in 12 hours.  Everything went well on the flight until when I arrived at the Guangzhou airport and my backpack never showed up. I felt frustrated but not so much in panic because my luggage has been delayed before when I went to China last time, so I’m sort of experienced.  I filed a report at the airport, noted down the flight company contact info and was told that I’ll be contacted once the backpack arrives with the next flight.  I then went straight to the hotel where I was resting for the afternoon and evening. My mood was okay at the beginning but as I thought about it more, I started to worry what if my bag remained missing? I would have to buy 3 months of supplies and clothing. Those items are quite simple to get in Asia, but I would not have access to my prescribed malaria medicine that I plan to take when entering Laos and Cambodia. I would not have any single pair of disposable contact lenses that I bought for the trip. I was in total despair after thinking about this and just could not believe incidents could happen so quickly even on the first day of my trip.  I now wish I could have left my medicine and contact lenses in my carry on bag instead.

Although I wasn’t very smart about holding onto my medicine, one thing I did right was buying travel insurance. I bought a pretty comprehensive travel insurance plan that includes compensation for personal expenses in case of a delayed luggage. The plan allows me to spend up to $150 a day and a total of $750 max to shop for personal necessities. Therefore, I’m covered on the shopping end which is the only good thing out of this whole baggage delay mess.

So as I’m writing this post, I still have no idea where my bag is. And I am leaving to Bangkok from Guangzhou in about an hour. I was told that they would ship the bag to Bangkok, but I hope they can ship it there on time before I leave for Chiangmai this weekend.  Fingers crossed!

So what are some lessons learned?

1. Always keep your medicine with your carry on

2. Travel insurance is a must! It’s not an option! You never know when things will go wrong!

3. Make sure you call the insurance company right after to figure out what you will need as proof for filing a claim later and what are the items you can get reimbursed for.

4. If your carry on has enough space, consider bringing an outfit with you just in case (I didn’t and totally regretted it. I do not like wearing the same clothes for 2 days in a row).

And in terms of my itinerary for the first day? No doubt it will be a shopping day. 😩 Other than this hiccup, I guess I’m okay and I can say I survived my first day.

3 thoughts on “I made it to Asia, my bag didn’t…

  1. Jay

    Sorry to hear about the bag situation, Jia! I anyways have done #4 with my carry on.

    How did you call #3? International service on your cell phone, bring your own unlocked phone and buy a cheap plan and sim card in the country, Google number, WiFi calling, 1800 number? I always struggling with calling overseas.


    1. Mlle. Jia Post author

      I only have one phone which is the company phone so I have the intl plan to make urgent calls if I need to. 😀 The insurance number I called was a 1800 number so that helped too!



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